The following list is only a small collection of the endless positive comments from our past students.

Great course, easy to follow and understand. A great resource for small building jobs.
Friday, 12 January 2018;   
It is a very well structured Course with an abundance of information. I took far longer than the allocated 2hrs as its an awful lot of information to take in. Thank you for the helpful hints along the way as I couldnt have done it without those. Cheers
Friday, 12 January 2018;   
This has been a great experience everything was straight forward highly recommended
Tuesday, 9 January 2018;   
Excellent course, very easy to understand and follow.
Wednesday, 3 January 2018;   
Many thanks for the support I was given and at my age 73 I needed support. I would recommend this organisation to anyone doing this course (Owner builder and White card) As the support was only a phone or text message away. Lynne
Friday, 29 December 2017;   
Was an excellent online course, very well done and very informative.

Sunday, 24 December 2017;   
The white card online course was easy to navigate and complete. I will definitely recommend this course to others
Friday, 22 December 2017;   
found the site very user friendly and easy to use
and customer service was great
Monday, 18 December 2017;   
I Am having fun doing this course. Very informative. Fully recommend this course to any wants to be owner builder.
Sunday, 17 December 2017;   
I found this course and the owner builder course easy to understand and follow. The format was fit for purpose. I cannot think of anything that I would recommend changing

Regards Duncan
Thursday, 14 December 2017;   
The course was straight forward and easy to understand.
Information provided was clear and accurate.
Wednesday, 13 December 2017;   
Working in the construction industry for 15 years being a company that employs more than 40 workers as air conditioning contractors I must admit that this course was easy and very helpful, I will definitely apply some of the methods I learnt on here to my company
Monday, 4 December 2017;   
This is a fast, clear & informative process that allows corrective learning along the way......
Tuesday, 28 November 2017;   

I find the course materials is very clear and easy to access , user friendly. will definitely recommend this site to others. Thank you!
Saturday, 25 November 2017;   
Hi it was easy and educational process, I really enjoyed. Safety is important, this made me think of safe practice implementation.
Great curse
Thank you
Sunday, 19 November 2017;   
Very good easy to follow Online course that I would highly recommend. Great learning experience.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017;   
I think this a very helpful site to complete the course. Really makes it easy.
Sunday, 12 November 2017;   
i found this training very clear and helpful. i now have acquired significant skills and knowledge about construction procedures and safety precautions. I also now have great awareness of conflict and conflict resolution
Friday, 10 November 2017;   
This course was easy to follow while also informative and a pleasant stress free learning experience at the same time due to the ability to undertake the course at own time and pace.

Many thanks for designing this course and Im glad I chose this one.

Thursday, 9 November 2017;   
Very easy to use and very imformative.
Would highly recommend.

knd regards,
Darwin Valdez
Thursday, 26 October 2017;   
Incredibly easy to work through
Monday, 23 October 2017;   
Very informative, well structured and layed out.

Highly recommended
Thursday, 19 October 2017;   
Good service & well presented tasks. Enjoyed the challenge of completing the course & the satisfaction
of doing it as a senior person, also to be able to design & help build a home for my eventual retirement?
Len V Waud
Wednesday, 18 October 2017;   
This course was very user friendly and well thought out, being a older person I even found it easy to use.Was a brilliant computer program to follow , regards Grant Morris
Tuesday, 17 October 2017;   
This course was very informative and all the help points were of great assistance.
Monday, 16 October 2017;   
It was a very thorough and extensive course that I will take into my project.
Monday, 16 October 2017;   
Hi Peter
Thank you for your online Test It was a challenge and a very informative test I have learnt a lot I will recommend this presentation to any body wishing to do an Owners Builders course the help line was outstanding information very helpful
look forward to getting my results asap.
Kind Regards
Kevin Brown
Mobile 0412 898 883
Friday, 13 October 2017;   
The course was easy to follow and understand. I found the information to very informative, helpful and to the point. Thank you
Monday, 2 October 2017;   
Informative and helpful. This method allows you to answer quickly and easily the questions you already know but critically provides training to up-skill you to be able to fulfill the requirements and prove competency. Great stuff!
Saturday, 23 September 2017;   
Very thorough and helpful in every aspect. Achievable, yet challenging and rewarding. Great learning curve.
Thursday, 14 September 2017;   
This is an excellent way of learning to be an owner builder, as the questions cover all aspects of building work. I will recommend all of my friends to take it.
Thursday, 14 September 2017;   
This was a very good easy to use owner builders course. The content was easy to understand as it was explained well.
Tuesday, 12 September 2017;   
Im a qualified electrician thats works in Nsw construction industry, I found the course to be really relevant and interesting
Sunday, 10 September 2017;   
Excellent course and very easy to navigate through the course and the contents.
Monday, 4 September 2017;   
I think the course is very well designed, simple to follow and complete, yet at the same time providing the necessary information to review before answering the questions.
Saturday, 2 September 2017;   
This is amazing. Best online course.
Friday, 1 September 2017;   
this was a great process and i appreciate the platform being available for remote residance..

thank you as a good experience i would recommend to any one who is looking to gain the certification necessary to owner build
Monday, 28 August 2017;   
I did the exam , setting between my kids, it was very helpful and easy to learn and answer at the same time. It been designed very well , making it easy a special straight forward information and questions.
Monday, 21 August 2017;   
Thankyou and will recommend this online course to others. With my experiences and knowledgee for owner builder, I definitely have learned more and advantages a lot from this online course. What an experience!
Saturday, 5 August 2017;   
Great Course. Very Informative and helpful to the implementation of safe work methods.
Tuesday, 25 July 2017;   
Excellent and simple, yet thorough course on OH&S. I had already completed some training in Health and Safety in my role as a Project Manager so it was great to get a refresher!
Saturday, 22 July 2017;   
Very well structured course. Very helpful with the additional information function for each question. Saved time in digging up materials all over again.
Sunday, 16 July 2017;   
Very well designed & the Layout was easy & user friendly.
Monday, 10 July 2017;   
great course. very easy to understand and complete
Monday, 10 July 2017;   
excellent, efficient and through way to get through fast where you know your stuff and also to read specific relevant info to find the answer when you dont know the answer
Sunday, 9 July 2017;   
The Course is well written and provides a good range of topics, I had no trouble at all completing.
Thursday, 6 July 2017;   
This has been an extremely helpful and convenient experience. The course work is in a very easy and simplified manner. Thanks.
Tuesday, 4 July 2017;   
Very well designed course with extensive knowledge. Like the notes on every question helped me to understand the question and answer correctly.
Friday, 30 June 2017;   
Interesting course, covering all aspects of everything anyone should know when attempting to achieve an owner builders licence. Thank you
Monday, 26 June 2017;   
It was a enjoyable course easy to follow hightly recommended
Saturday, 24 June 2017;   
I feel like I am now well equipped for managing the building of my home. This course is great in equipping students with the know how of WHS, conflict resolution, time planning as well as the general technical knowledge.
Tuesday, 20 June 2017;   
great online course. straight forward and easy to navigate and learn. Would recommend to others 100%
Monday, 12 June 2017;   
I have really appreciated the way this course is done and put together. It definitely makes it easy for anyone to do.
Sunday, 4 June 2017;   
Really great course! You have made it quick, easy, and practicable to obtain the required certificate. Much appreciated.
Saturday, 3 June 2017;   
This course is designed very well and I have learned lots of information in a very logical and easy to understand manner.
Friday, 2 June 2017;   
I find this course is been very helpful in many way. Well designed and presented. I have learnt a lot Thank you.

Arife Solbudak
Saturday, 27 May 2017;   
great set up would highly recommend it
Wednesday, 24 May 2017;   
The course content, structure and presentation was clear and covered the key items thoroughly.
Sunday, 21 May 2017;   
It was an excellent experience and very apt method of preparing an individual for the task of building his/her home.
Great work...Keep it up...
Tuesday, 16 May 2017;   
Was great to have my call answered straight away when I had a question.
Monday, 15 May 2017;   
The course is great. Learn everything about being a responsible builder. I like especially I can do the course in my own pace.
Sunday, 14 May 2017;   
The course is very well structured and detailed. it seems to be alot different to the last test i had sat 5 years ago... i highly recommend the Course to any individual that has some building knowledge as this gives you all the skills and understanding the owner builders are up against in each individual stage of there projects.
Friday, 12 May 2017;   
Thank you for all your help, terrific course!!!
Wednesday, 10 May 2017;   
Great course and very helpful online resources and feedback
Tuesday, 9 May 2017;   
great online design and excellent stability in website whilst taking this course
Monday, 8 May 2017;   
I really enjoyed this course very much . It is very informative and great tool for learning.
Saturday, 6 May 2017;   
the course is good, easy to do with the help for each question
Saturday, 6 May 2017;   
Very comprehensive learning course.
Very useful steps and methods.
Excellent course content
Thursday, 4 May 2017;   
Easy to follow and very informative
Tuesday, 2 May 2017;   
It was a very comprehensive course. the details were very easy to understand and is organised in a great way. This is a great mean for owner who are only doing a small job dont need to rely on builder.

Thanks a Lot.
Thursday, 27 April 2017;   
Doing the White card and Owner Builder License course online was not only convenient for me but also easy and manageable. Thanks for making this process so seamless.
Tuesday, 25 April 2017;   
Excellent services!
Thursday, 20 April 2017;   
Absolute fantastic course. The guidelines and instructions were clear. Study guide and questions were excellent and also challenging from time to time. Would definitely recommend to friends and family. Thank you
Wednesday, 5 April 2017;   
thank you for well design questions and support
Sunday, 2 April 2017;   
The method of testing is fantastic!! the information help buttons are perfect and the ability to change answers is perfect swell. Thank you for making this process less difficult and stressful.
Friday, 31 March 2017;   
Very helpful service, thank you.
Tuesday, 28 March 2017;   
Fantastic phone assistance thank you Peter ??
Friday, 24 March 2017;   
The program was easy to follow, well supported with documentation and additional reading, and resources. Covered all relevant subjects in clear English and good definitions. I would highly recommend this course for all owner builders.
Thank you
Rae Michelle
Friday, 24 March 2017;   
Thanks a lot. This course was very useful and informative. In addition it was easy and properly organised.
Monday, 20 March 2017;   
The course was very well set out.
Gave a very good understanding of your building responsibilities.
Sunday, 19 March 2017;   
This was a good way to gain the necessary information. I highly recommend this online course
Thursday, 16 March 2017;   
This is a fantastically designed course to learn and retain knowledge. Wonderful.
Tuesday, 14 March 2017;   
I have learnt a lot of new information which will help me through the planning, application and build process by completing this course. would highly recommend to anyone who is heading down the same path
Tuesday, 7 March 2017;   
I have been involved in writing and preparing training programs over the past 15 years and like to think we lead the way in training in the transport industry. However, this training program that you have developed is spectacularly fine and I congratulate you. I enjoyed this process very much.
Monday, 6 March 2017;   
This course was very informative and helpful. The website was easy to use
Thank you
Sunday, 5 March 2017;   
Thank You this was a great way to undertake this qualification
Sunday, 5 March 2017;   
The course was well laid out & easy to follow/complete.
Tuesday, 28 February 2017;   
The course was very easy to follow. Very helpful with the popups while answering the questions.
Tuesday, 21 February 2017;   
Thanks so much for this very efficient process, it was a great pleasure to have complete this process with your assistance. Regards, Zoe Kouyoumjian.
Sunday, 19 February 2017;   
found this course very useful and helpful, I can actually understand conversations happening regarding my build ahead.
I am not so scared now
very helpful and easy to do at home rather than the pressure of school or work room
Saturday, 18 February 2017;   
Excellent, easy and informative way to complete the course. Well done.
Friday, 17 February 2017;   
thankyou was excellent and easy to navigate
Friday, 17 February 2017;   
I thought the assessment was excellent. Very user friendly and informative. The fact that you could self check answers and did not need to start sections over again made it less time consuming and daunting for users and more enjoyable. An excellent way to inform yourself of important steps and issues that may arise during the owner builder process. Well done!
Wednesday, 15 February 2017;   
This was such an enjoyable course to do. Nothing was too hard to do, very easy.
Tuesday, 14 February 2017;   
The course was well laid out and gave good examples throughout. I will be able take these method forward in the building process.
Monday, 13 February 2017;   
It is an awesome course which really makes anyone who not familiar with construction process and stages to be familiar with.
Thank you so much
Sunday, 5 February 2017;   
Its very good guidlines and show me almost whatever i need to know step by step and organise myself to build my onw small house.
Thursday, 2 February 2017;   
The course was easy even for me at just on 80 years of age, would recommend this course to everyone doing an owner building
Thursday, 2 February 2017;   
Fast and informative course. Definitely prepared me to build my own house.
Tuesday, 31 January 2017;   
I was hesitant in starting as I thought it would be a completely onerous task, but once I started the course was made so more informative by having the drop down box to review the relevant information before answering the question
Monday, 30 January 2017;   
This is very educating and give people some knowledge about the project that their building and how they should react to it and it also help them know different things about the work place that their never expierienced before
Monday, 30 January 2017;   
I think this a great course that gives you great scope of the information that is needed to carry out an complete the works that will be carried out.
Saturday, 28 January 2017;   
Thank you for your training and support.
Friday, 27 January 2017;   
Easy to use and understand. Would recommend your site to others !
Saturday, 21 January 2017;   
An easy to navigate course with interesting and informative information.
Saturday, 21 January 2017;   
Great to be able to do the online course at our own pace.
Friday, 20 January 2017;   
Really great course that presents the real challenges a person may come across on an owner builder site. The content is straight forward and prepared well. The technical aspects can be understood by a non technical person like me which is pleasing. Thank you.
Wednesday, 18 January 2017;   
Great website and easy to use
Wednesday, 18 January 2017;   
Thank you for a very interesting course. It really shows what I can expect and will give me confidence to build my extension
Saturday, 14 January 2017;   
Great and easy to use. The ability to complete online and in your own time is a major advantage.
Thursday, 12 January 2017;   
Excellently designed course.


Stephen Fiske
Wednesday, 11 January 2017;   
Thanks this was a good experience. Easy to follow at your own pace. Recommended.
Monday, 9 January 2017;   
A great course! The notes included with each question make the process easy to understand and complete successfully.
Saturday, 7 January 2017;   
Really appreciate your service. All required information is very well explained and very to the point.
Thursday, 5 January 2017;   
Very helpful course. Would highly recommend this course.
Wednesday, 4 January 2017;   
thankyou all questions were well explained and easy to follow
Wednesday, 4 January 2017;   
Course was well set out and easy to understand.
Tuesday, 3 January 2017;   
This course is well structured and easy to follow, has been a pleasure to participate in
Friday, 30 December 2016;   
Very simple to understand course. Highly recommend to anyone who plans on entering the construction industry.
Thursday, 29 December 2016;   
I found doing this online was great as I was able to take my time and do it at my own pace
Friday, 23 December 2016;   
The course was very user friendly
Tuesday, 13 December 2016;   
i have enjoyed the experience it is very professional thank you for providing this service.
Friday, 9 December 2016;   
This online course was really helpful. Would recommend this to anyone wanting to do the owner builders course.
Thursday, 1 December 2016;   
Great course, nice and easy access online
Tuesday, 29 November 2016;   
I thought this process was very straight forward, easy to manage and a great learning process. Many Thanks.
Monday, 28 November 2016;   
It was a very well presented, informative course.
Thursday, 24 November 2016;   
Great experience ! Learning made simple !
Thursday, 24 November 2016;   
Good course. Provides good assistance with the quizes incase you cant find the answers in the full info. Also tells you if you got a question wrong and typo redo it which is awesome!
Sunday, 20 November 2016;   
Its fantastic learning process. Absolutely comprehensive and user-friendly.
Saturday, 19 November 2016;   
All questions were set at an achievable level. Great help options.
Wednesday, 16 November 2016;   
Thank you! i love how easy and simple it is that we can do our assessment online with no hassle, especially how we can save and continue.
Tuesday, 15 November 2016;   
Thank you great course.
Easy to understand and very flexible.

Thanks Again
Wednesday, 9 November 2016;   
Thankyou for providing a very comprehensive online educational experience to obtain my owner builders certificate. the knowledge i have gained will prove to be invaluable in my building process.
Tuesday, 8 November 2016;   
The course was interesting and the study document will be useful in planning my build. I currently work in an area that has strong WH&S responsibilities and report writing and financial management are also components of my work. So some of the material was common sense. Thank you for making this method of obtaining a builders licence available.
Tuesday, 8 November 2016;   
It was well formatted and achievable.
Wednesday, 2 November 2016;   
What a great course .Its so much easier for people to be able to do in own time would highly recommend
Tuesday, 1 November 2016;   
awesome course and easy to complete.
Friday, 28 October 2016;   
easy to complete, helpful and educational study notes for every question.
Wednesday, 26 October 2016;   
I was very nervous to begin with but I received a phone call from you as I was about to start and I found that call extremely encouraging and supportive, so thank you all very very much,. IVE Done It , yippy and thank you. Maureen Raulston.
Wednesday, 26 October 2016;   
Detailed and informative course for owner builder. Highly recommended.
Tuesday, 25 October 2016;   
Thank you, the course was very well laid out and easy to work through.
Friday, 21 October 2016;   
Very user friendly system, even for older people like myself. No complaints here.
Wednesday, 19 October 2016;   
This course is very well designed
Saturday, 15 October 2016;   
Great course and very user friendly
Friday, 14 October 2016;   
Very good and easy to use. Will be recommending to friends.
Thursday, 13 October 2016;   
The service was very good and informative throughout.
Thursday, 13 October 2016;   
Excellent course construction.
The drop boxes were particularly helpful.
Wednesday, 12 October 2016;   
Great course! Information is precise, to the point and set out clearly. It is of great value to me, as I learned everything I need to know on how to manage a building project and to become an owner-builder in a relatively short time frame and from the comfort of my home. It is also important that you need to know a 100%, not less, in order to pass. Thank you.
Tuesday, 11 October 2016;   
Thanks team, Easy to follow assessment with clear statements of what is required to understand and implement the work safely requiremetns
Friday, 7 October 2016;   
This course is very well done and easy to follow compared to friends of mine who used a slightly cheaper course and spent many hours having to hunt around documents for every single answer. Thanks very much for saving me so much time
Wednesday, 28 September 2016;   
Thank you for providing the course. It was informative and easy to navigate.
Wednesday, 28 September 2016;   
Thank you, found the course interesting and informative - easy to use
Tuesday, 27 September 2016;   
Its a very useful course where all the needed building stages are explained and the required knowledge is provided throught the course
Tuesday, 20 September 2016;   
I was happy with the material of training and they were very helpful.
Tuesday, 20 September 2016;   
Thank you for providing a user-friendly and accessible course. I found this to be a useful assessment and an enjoyable experience.
Thursday, 15 September 2016;   
I was pleasantly surprised at how well the course was laid out and how easy it was to follow. thank you
Thursday, 15 September 2016;   
I appreciate the time and effort given by Absolute Education staff when I had difficulties logging onto coures
Thursday, 18 August 2016;   
I thought the course was comprehensive and educational. The interactive nature was interesting, and allowed for additional study prior to resubmitting the results, so you are able to build up confidence and learning outcomes
A very worthwhile course and one I would recommend to others (indeed I already have sent the link to one other person)
Thursday, 18 August 2016;   
Hi there
Absolute education website is very easy to use, information is very helpful for a new guy like me. along the training, i do learn a lot of about managing the process and handling dispute. thanks
Wednesday, 17 August 2016;   
I enjoyed the experience of this course. i like the fact that i can revisit the course at my leisure as i work full time and am currently also completting a Cert 4 course as well. so all good as far as i am concerned.
Tuesday, 16 August 2016;   
As a summary of the whole course, it was beneficial as it gave relevant questions which allowed me to expand my knowledge. Also if I had got stuck on a question, the help button was very useful in regards to explaining the question thoroughly and giving some theory behind it.
Monday, 15 August 2016;   
I enjoyed doing this course online. The pop up help boxes are a great help. Thank you.
Sunday, 14 August 2016;   
This method of learning and online testing is excellent. It makes an otherwise lengthy/time consuming process of doing it in hard copy very easy and obtainable.
Saturday, 13 August 2016;   
Your course is fantastic. It is well organised and the materials are easyto understand
Friday, 12 August 2016;   
Once again, a very good on-line course. Easy to understand and good adult learning principles. I learnt a lot completing this course.
Thursday, 21 July 2016;   
Both the white card & NSW Owner Builder course as provided by Absolute Education was well structured & thorough.

I was surprised at the amount of documentation & support that was provided. The online help was great as well.

I certainly feel I developed my capability & knowledge/
Thursday, 21 July 2016;   
This is one of the easiest sites I have used. The site is easy to navigate and the use of plain english (just as though a person was speaking directly to another person) is greatly appreciated ... and Im an Aussie!

The reference material relating to each question was a pleasant surprise and very handy.

Your efforts toward continued improvement is noted, however, at this stage I cannot think of anything.

Regards, Leanne Ameron
Thursday, 21 July 2016;   
The course is very helpful and clear. Also easy to navigate through the modules.
Wednesday, 20 July 2016;   
It was well structured and the help boxes were useful especially because they could be moved around.
Tuesday, 19 July 2016;   
This course certainly helps identify procedures, know hows, policies and proper steps to take when being an owner builder
Monday, 18 July 2016;   
I thought the online course was very well structured.

Learning materials were very comprehensive & the course content was very thorough
Saturday, 16 July 2016;   
I thought the course gave a good over view I work overseas on large construction Projects and I am a Construction Manager but i to misinterpreted some questions and had to slow down and correct myself. All in all it was great and highly recommend it to any body considering owner builder
Friday, 15 July 2016;   
The course was relatively easy to complete thanks to the drop down boxes.
Monday, 27 June 2016;   
Very well laid out and easy to follow instructions.
Monday, 27 June 2016;   
Excellent course. Self paced with excellent support.
Monday, 27 June 2016;   
Amazing telephone support thank you. Fantastic course and the help boxes were very useful. I would highly recommend your company this course to anyone becoming an owner builder.
Tuesday, 14 June 2016;   
The online training is very flexible, been able to login whenever I want and do questions during my lunch break at work, I found enjoyable. The course and content is relevant to what I want to do as a owner builder. I enjoyed the online training experience. Thank you.
Tuesday, 14 June 2016;   
Found the course very easy to follow. The drop boxes were a great tool to assist in completing the course.
Sunday, 12 June 2016;   
Excellent tool to get owner builder, good course material and exam.
Friday, 10 June 2016;   
Very quick and easy to do, thanks
Tuesday, 7 June 2016;   
I found it very easy & well supported - thank you
Sunday, 5 June 2016;   
This was very helpful in teaching me on the steps to building your own home, and teaching on how to manage money as well as trying to help sort out issues between your subcontractors..
Thursday, 26 May 2016;   
This course is well set out and the level of information is extensive. The procedure of going through the modules is easy to follow and understand.
David Stair
Thursday, 26 May 2016;   
I was very impressed with the quality and content of the course. I was even more impressed with the prompt acknowledgement and response to my telephone and email enquiries.
Thursday, 26 May 2016;   
I found this program much less daunting than i imagined and recommend it to any prospective owner builder.
Sunday, 15 May 2016;   
Very straight forward exam which I was able to complete in my own time. Great support.
Tuesday, 10 May 2016;   
Thank you for providing this well designed course.

Building is clearly more complicated than I expected and I appreciated the depth, clarity and sequencing of each distinct knowledge area. The course provided me with a more complete overview of the building process in terms of the interrelationship of safety, regulatory requirements, planning, scheduling and good management practices.


David Hunt
Friday, 6 May 2016;   
Excellent service, I am very satisfied with your help and prime service
Saturday, 30 April 2016;   
This is a wonderful & easy website i would tell everyone about this who is intrested in doing the owner builders course !
Tuesday, 12 April 2016;   
Perfect, logical, informative and well organised - very efficient
Sunday, 10 January 2016;   
The website is well structures and conveys the strategies and methodology to assist in the owner builder process.
Friday, 1 January 2016;   
I was impressed with how easy it was to complete the course in terms of: how quick it was to be marked; being able to revise incorrect answers; how much I learnt; the interesting information about OH&S. Thanks.
Sunday, 27 December 2015;   
It was an easy and hassle free process. Love the website. Absolutely Brilliant
Sunday, 27 December 2015;   
Well Done quiet a good site to navigate and get through
Sunday, 20 December 2015;   
The course was very straight forward to follow and the data provided in the open book options was helpful and relevant.
Wednesday, 16 December 2015;   
The course was user-friendly, interesting and informative.
Wednesday, 16 December 2015;   
Very comprehensive course and easy to undertake. Telephone staff were also very helpful and friendly.
Friday, 11 December 2015;   
excellent course, i found it to be very well layed out and detailed.
Thursday, 17 September 2015;   
Well set out and and easy to understand
Thursday, 17 September 2015;   
Course was well presented and straight forward to complete.
Thursday, 17 September 2015;