Course Prices

ONLINE: Your registration, course material and most importantly your ASSESSMENT are all online. We are the ONLY COURSE PROVIDER to offer this service. There is no need to wait for an email to tell you where you went wrong. With real-time interaction, you will get instant results. Just fix the errors where it tells you, and you're done.

CORRESPONDENCE: If you would like to complete the course via correspondence, then you can email, fax or post your answers through to us. You don't need to have internet or be online for this except when emailing of course. We will still handle your request promptly.

» $55.00 White/Green card. (WorkCover OHS Induction card)(Online or Correspondence)
» $185.00 NSW Owner Builder Course Compulsory Units(Online or Correspondence)
» $99.00 ACT Owner Builder Course(Online or Correspondence)
(For residents of A.C.T.)
Free inclusions:
» FREE Building Contracts (BETWEEN $1,000 & $5,000 OR OVER $5,000);
» FREE Expenses & Building Calculators/Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel);
» FREE Telephone support anytime throughout your entire course & project;
» FREE Printed OFT owner-builder application form;
Optional extras:
» $199.00 Australia Building Centre Membership (Discounted materials)
» $14.00 Express Post (delivery of certificate)
» $47.00 Printed owner-builder course study guide NSW (660 page folder);
» $21.00 Printed white-card course study guide;
» $12.00 Printed owner-builder course study guide ACT (52 page booklet);
» $5.00 Duplicate Certificate (in same name)
» $25.00 Priority Marking Service (2 hour turnaround for assessment)
» $49.00 Owner Builder 12 Month Magazine Subscription (6 issues)